Impact Investigations & Collections is a leading and trusted provider of a complete range of services for individual and corporate clients that ensure the minimising of risks associated with bad debtors, the protection of your liquidity, interests, and cash-flow, and the ability to recover losses caused by defaulting or late paying debtors.

We offer these services against a background of integrity and experience, ensuring an ethical and transparent approach that enhances the experience for our clients, delivers results, and ensures satisfaction.

These services include debt collection, fraud debt investigations, client vetting, rental collection, eviction services as well as this focus on tracking and tracing services.


Businesses and individual who sell on terms are at risk of losses to bad debtors, and in severe cases, these debtors can take every action possible to contact them difficult.

In such cases, recovering debt can be challenging and impractically costly, which is why we offer a reliable and affordable approach to reach these debtors, through effective tracking and tracing services that ensure they uphold their accountability to you.

Our investigation and tracking and tracing services ensure results with minimal turnarounds thanks to a network that allows our investigators to carry out services that confirm contact with debtors who are uncompliant.

This ensures that your or your business is able to recover losses in less time, and at less of an expense.


Impact Investigations & Collections currently serves clients on a commercial and individual basis; while our ethical and upfront approach assures that our clients have realistic expectations of us.

This gives us a client-centric approach that is often absent in other investigation agencies that ensures consistent and accurate reporting, transparency, and trust between ourselves, our clients, and your clients.


If you would like to know more about our tracking and tracing services or would like to book a consultation with us, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Impact Investigations & Collections today.

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